How do I place an order?

All you have to do is click on the “shop” tab, to choose the item you wish to purchase, and choose your size. (When you click on an item, you will be able to see a detailed description of it, including the laundering instructions and the length, i.e. centimetres below the knee in skirts and dresses.)
You will be able to see the items you have chosen under the tab of “my cart”, which is positioned in the top left corner of the page.
After clicking on “my cart”, you proceed to pay for your items, where you will be asked to enter your credit card details in a pop-up page, which opens when you click on “pay”.
After ordering your items and paying for them, you will receive a confirmation of your purchase to the email address you have entered when you ordered your items. All done! Now you wait for the delivery to arrive and enjoy the clothes!
*Telephone orders are possible when paying with a credit card. Please dial 050-5886418 to place your order.

Payment options

You can pay with either credit card or through your PayPal account (if you have one). We do not accept cash payments.
When purchasing the desired items, you will be able to choose your preferred method of delivery out of the following:
• Via registered mail within 15 business days - free delivery.
• Via courier mail, within 3 business days, from the day of the purchase, with an additional fee of 45 NIS.
• Alternatively, you may collect your purchase for no additional fee directly from our warehouse in Kfar Chabad.


A courier will deliver your package directly to your house for only 45 NIS.

A registered mail package will arrive at the post office branch nearest to your house within 14 business days, and usually much faster than that - at no additional cost.

You may collect your purchase at our warehouse at Kfar Chabad at no additional cost, by a prior appointment only, please dial 050-5886418 to arrange a time.

Returns and exchanges policy

*Cancelling the purchase and receiving a refund is possible on condition that the item was mailed to us within 2 business days from the day it was received. All you have to do is mail the item via registered mail, and email its tracking number to

If we see that the item has been mailed to us within two days of being received, we shall refund you the full sum with no additional cost! (Even if the item takes a month to arrive here). What matters is when it was sent to us, not when it arrived here. (We are able to track its progress by the tracking number which you emailed to us). Additional option is bringing it directly to the warehouse at Kfar Chabad, by a prior appointment only, please dial 050-5886418 to arrange a time.

** You can receive an exchange voucher if the items were returned within 14 business days from the day when you received them, and no later.

** Items purchased as a part of a sale deal may be returned within four business days, and no later.

** We offer a warranty for damaged items and will exchange them immediately for an intact one.


1. All intellectual property rights are reserved for the site, that is to include copyright, the models, the methods and the trade secrets. These rights apply, amongst other things, to all data presented on the site, including the products list, descriptions, designs, fashions of the clothes and all other items related to the site operation.
2. You may not copy, modify, distribute, sell, lease or translate any part of our content, including photographs and texts, clothes models, photographs of the clothes, and all other content. You may not make commercial or private use of the content without prior consent from Shirel Avrahami in written form.

Sizes and fittings

Below each item you will find the size (Israel sizes), the circumference (in cm) and the length (for skirts and dresses).


You can receive our updates directly to your email, all you have to do is click on the “newsletter” tab and choose the option of “receive updates via email”. Alternatively, click below on the Home page, after the link to “About us”. Upon registration, you will receive updates about the blog entries and the new items that are added to our collection. 


Our site is protected through the SSL protocol - the safest and the most secure method available. 

Company policy (the protocol)

1. The site is intended for purchasing clothes items online and reading the fashion blog.
2. For every question /enquiry, please sent an email to
The clothes that appear on the site are the stock intended for sale.
The time brackets for clothes delivery: “the delivery day” is the day when the order has been delivered to the required address.
*Registered mail for delivering the clothes: up to 14 business days, depending on the Israeli mail services.
*Courier delivery: up to 3 business days from the day you placed your order.
The address used for the package delivery is the address that has been indicated by the customer as the delivery address in the process of purchasing.
The day you place your order is the day the credit card company approves the transaction.
The business days are the weekdays, Sunday to Thursday.
This protocol constitutes a legal basis for exploring the site and placing orders, and represents a legal contract between the customer and our company.
By purchasing on our site you confirm that you are familiar with the protocol and you agree to be legally bound by the terms and conditions presented therein, and you /your representative will not claim , file a suit, or take any legal action against the site, and/or the company, and /or the site managers and/or company managers and/or its CEOs, employees, in anything related to this protocol of terms and conditions.
The company reserves the right to make changes to the protocol when necessary, sorely upon its own consideration and without the need to provide a forewarning and /or prior warning.
We hereby declare that we are under no obligation to keep a full stock of every model/size of every item we display on the site.