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Hi, my name is Shirel Avrahami, I am a stylist and a fashion blogger.

I set up my site when it became clear to me just how difficult, almost impossible it is to find the right clothes, combining modesty and style. Here is a place for you where you will find everything combined.

Here you will be able to purchase stylish, modest clothes, on a par with the existing trends seen on the fashion podiums and among the fashionistas in the world capitals.

I have been offering services of a personal stylist as a part of my stylist vocation. This service includes a day of shopping with my client, where I help her arrange a suitable wardrobe, keeping her figure and the existing style in mind.

When I first started writing my blog, I saw that the clothes I wear and present are in great demand. The demand for stylish and perfectly made clothes, which could not be found so easily, as well as the wish to be an “in style” girl in the religious and the ultra-orthodox sector, is growing daily.

I decided to seize the opportunity to provide you with the knowledge and the power to adopt the image you wish for, by means of this site, which is the place where I gathered all the information and the shopping, made comfortable for you, in accordance with your needs and boundaries. Any fashion-loving woman knows how extremely important it is to dress carefully in style, with attention to detail, and how the boundaries imposed upon us by the Torah law of modesty made this aspiration incredibly challenging to achieve.

I decided to transform our shopping experience, making it so easy to navigate to one site and purchase modest clothes, carefully chosen by a stylist, with just one click. Never again will you need to hunt around malls for hours, only to be disappointed at the end. At this “Shirel Avrahami” site all items are carefully chosen to match the style and the current trend, and needless to say, they all correspond to the guidelines of modesty, you will not be needing under- and over- layers.

I am continuing to write my blog, where you are welcome to explore my suggestions as to how to dress right and modestly, corresponding to the current trends. I will continue to update you of all noteworthy news in the world of fashion.

As of today – no need to run around malls and come back emptyhanded; you open the site, choose the item you want, click on it, pay with the credit card, and have the clothes delivered right into the comfort of your home.

All your style needs are taken care of, conveniently and within the realm of modesty.

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